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Bridal Makeover Tips

Bridal makeup is not only done just for the big day but also for the camera. The bride will continuously look back at there wedding pictures for the rest of her life, so it is important that she looks absolutely perfect in them, which means a lot of pressure for the makeup artist who is going to be in charge of the bridal makeover. The following tips should help you to prep for the big day, so that it runs smoothly and to plan:

  • It is important that you arrange a couple of makeup trials at least a month before the wedding, to determine exactly what the bride requires. Its also a really good idea to keep a written and visual record of what products you have used for the day, so that everything runs smoothly and to plan.
  • Consult with the bride as to exactly what she wants to achieve from her bridal look, study the colors she will be wearing and the colors of the flowers.  A traditional church wedding will require an all natural mineral makeup look with only neutral colors, whilst ethnic weddings will be much more vibrant and bolder. It may be that the bride would like false eyelashes for added glamour, so encourage them to bring along pictures for the trial, so you get an overall idea of the look she is trying to create.
  • On the day of the wedding don’t be late; your bride does not need the added stress of wondering if you are going to show up. Arrive early and show that you are calm and organized, which will help to put the bride at ease. Always do the brides makeup first allowing plenty of time, so you don’t appear rushed.
  • For eye makeup tips, you want to make sure that you can apply the makeup in a place with plenty of natural light, as the bride will be obviously spending a lot of time outside, and artificial light can be really deceiving. Avoid using highlighters and to much shimmer on the eyes, as they reflect light and may appear to shiny in the photo’s. Waterproof makeup is going to be the brides best friend on her wedding day, as she may be inclined to shed a tear or two.
  • Make sure the place you decide to do the makeover is away from the hustle and bustle happening around her, so the bride has time to relax.
  • You need to be really organized on the day, so find out in advance exactly how many people you will be required to makeup, this way you will be able to organize enough assistants to help you. you will also want to factor this into your fee.
  • Makeup rarely lasts the day, so its important to prepare a touch up makeup bag, either for yourself or the bride to use through out the day.  This will help, especially if you will be required to change the makeup into an evening look.
  • From the outset make sure you are paid for the trial separately. If the bride cancels this means you will have wasted valuable hours of your own time, it also makes you look professional.

Obviously this is one of the most important days of the brides life, so it is important that you help to make the experience as special as possible, both for her and the bridal party.

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